Saturday, 27 August 2011

Cafe Secrets exposed TV3, 5pm, Sundays

In this 8 part series of "Café Secrets," I visit some of NZs best-loved cafés and meet the owners, who share with me the secrets to their success. I persuade the café owners to give away their most popular recipes and in turn I share some favourite recipes and cooking tips of my own. All the recipes are both interesting and easily achievable. The twist is that every café I visit has a strong involvement with a community project and I get stuck in, help out and feed the hungry workers.

There’s no doubt about it – we’ve embraced café culture and there’s no turning back! Café menus offer something for everyone: from all-day breakfast and weekend brunch, to stylish lunch dishes, portable meals, and sweet treats to enjoy with great espresso or a nice cup of tea, anytime of day. Cafés are now such a huge part of most people’s lives, so I know café-lovers will be fascinated to see behind the scenes and learn what makes our favourite eateries so successful.

I know viewers will love the insights this series gives into the realities of owning a café and how cafés are such an important meeting place for communities. And to discover closely guarded secret recipes for some of the most popular café dishes served in New Zealand is a real bonus. This show provides café-lovers with the recipes and know-how to recreate the delights of café-style food in their own kitchens.

It was a pleasure and a privilege for me to meet the various café owners and to share time with them in their busy kitchens. I felt an instant connection with them, as we share a café background and a passion for creating great café-style food. Every café has its own personality and unique story to tell and I was inspired by the passion and dedication of the owners to their business and the wonderful community connections they have created.

Don't miss this fascinating insight into NZ café culture.

"Café Secrets"; Sundays at 5pm; TV3 – Presented by Julie Le Clerc

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